Haley Point Appeal Scheduled for Monday, July 12, 2021 at 6:00pm


The Haley Point appeal hearing has been re-scheduled for Monday, July 12 at 6:00pm

An appeal has formally been filed by a member of the Midtown Ventura Coalition. The cost of the appeal was $1,000. Funds from the GoFundMe account were used to cover the cost of this appeal and legal fees related to the efforts.  

The appellant will be presenting the appeal to City Council on July 12 during a public City Council WebEx meeting. An in-person appeal meeting was requested, but the city said they are not yet prepared for in-person meetings and thus it will be done via WebEx.

The appeal covers four main points:

  • On-Site Posting: The March 17, 2021 DRC meeting was not properly posted at the Haley Point Site. We are requesting the city change the resolution language to reflect the improper posting from the March 17, 2021 DRC meeting.
  • Inadequate Guest Parking:  The San Buenaventura Municipal Code 24.415.030 subsection 5A is specific for the allocation of clearly “designated” on-site guest-only parking in condominium complexes. We want the city to enforce this municipal code and require the developer to increase the on-site designated guest-only parking spaces from 13 to 18 and require the developer to clearly designate all 18 spaces as “guest-only”. Currently, the project is 5 guest-only parking spaces short and the developer is not “clearly designating” any of the on-site parking spaces as “guest-only”.
  • Traffic Study:  We are requesting a formal traffic study under CEQA – California Environmental Quality Act. We believe the cumulative impact of all the recent AND upcoming in-fill development throughout Ventura, triggers a traffic study under CEQA law.
  • The Pedestrian/Bicycle Overpass:  We are requesting that the Resolution approved by the Planning Commission on May 26, 2021 be updated.  The language of the Resolution should be modified to guarantee the $165,000 donated by Warmington is clearly earmarked and protected for a Pedestrian/Bicycle Overpass design. And that the $165,000 cannot be redirected to the City’s general fund or used for another city project.  

The public will be allowed to comment during the appeal process. We expect everyone will be given 3 minutes to speak, but there is a chance the public’s time could be cut to 2 minutes per person.

If you choose to make a public comment during the appeal or if you plan to write in comments, we are requesting that everyone stick to the 4 main points above. This way city council is able to focus on the exact items in the appeal request.

We will keep you updated as more information becomes available on where and when to send in your comments.

Upcoming Planning Commission Meeting Write to the Planning Commission by Tuesday, May 25 at 5:00pm

The Planning Commission meeting, to approve the Haley Point Project, is scheduled for Wednesday, May 26 at 6:00 pm.  We encourage you to write to the Planning Commission and state your concerns. Below is a list of suggested requests and concerns to raise with the Planning Commission. Send your letters by Tuesday, May 25 at 5:00pm. When writing to the Planning Commission, copy the City Clerk. You must include the Project Number “PROJ-14778” and request that your email be included with the packet for the May 26, 2021 Planning Commission meeting.

Send your letters to the Planning Commission at pc@cityofventura.ca.gov and copy the Ventura City Clerk at cityclerk@cityofventura.ca.gov. You may also copy us at info@midtownventuracoalition.com

  1. DRC Recommendations:  Request the Planning Commission support the Design Review Committee’s (DRC’s) recommendations as stated in the March 17, 2021 DRC meeting minutes.
  2. Density: Require the developer reduce the density to match the neighborhood as stated in the General Plan. The Haley Point site is not on main road such as Thompson or Main. It is located in a corner pocket of a quiet residential neighborhood with no direct access to a main thoroughfare
  3. Front Set-back: Require the developer to adhere to the 20-foot front setback. Do not set a precedent by allowing this developer to not meet the minimum setback requirement that all other homes in the neighborhood have been required to follow.
  4. Entrances: Require the developer to include two entrances into Haley Point from Channel that align with Arcade and Evergreen.
  5. Bicycle/Pedestrian Path: Require the developer to contribute to the design costs of a Bicycle/Pedestrian path that goes from Channel under the railroad track along the east side of Seaward.
  6. Channel Drive Reduction:  Because Channel Drive is being reduced to accommodate the Haley Point development, require the developer to contribute to adding a center island median, with trees, on Channel Drive from Little Seaward to Howard. The addition of this center island will calm traffic, prevent mid street u-turns, prevent pedestrian mid-block crossings and the trees will help reduce the visual height of the 2 and 3 story condo massings.
  7. Traffic & Safety: Request the Planning Commission ask the city to conduct a “formal” traffic safety study and not rely on the developer’s traffic study conducted during the pandemic shutdown. The influx of 144+ cars (at least 2 per condo), delivery trucks, repair trucks, etc. barreling down Arcade and Evergreen will cause significant traffic safety issues.

Mid-Town Ventura Neighborhood Petition

Have your voice heard!!!! Sign the petition to LIMIT the “proposed” density of Haley Point and follow the parking and traffic safety standards of the city of Ventura as written in the San Buenaventura Municipal Code in order to protect the Health, Safety and Welfare of our neighborhood and Community. It is important for our City Council and all City Officials to know that it is not just a “handful of neighbors” who are opposed to the over-dense 72 condo development known as Haley Point.

Signatures to be collected by May 24.

If you are interested in signing the petition, please email: info@midtownventuracoalition.com and someone will contact you on how you can sign the petition.

April 25th – City Hall Demonstration

On Sunday, April 25, residents opposed to the density and lack of on-site parking at the proposed Haley Point Project, came out in force to express their concerns. The group peacefully walked in protest from Main St. to City Hall. Local Ventura newspaper reporters covered the demonstration. City Councilman Mike Johnson showed up and spoke with several residents.

Midtown residents are not opposed to the Haley Point development but are instead opposed to the density of the development which will have a negative impact on the health and welfare of the midtown residents. This development includes 72 condos (some 3 and 4 bedroom). Each condo has a 2-car garage and no driveways. There are only 13 parking spaces being included on-site. Haley Point is not located on a main road. The influx of cars, home repair trucks, Amazon, FedEx and UPS trucks will create a traffic mess and unsafe condition on the small residential streets impacted…Arcade, Evergreen, Howard, etc.

April 10th – Resident’s Demonstration

On Saturday, April 10, 2021 one hundred+ residents came out to Channel Drive to show support for reducing the proposed density of the Haley Point Project by Orange County developer, Warmington.

Midtown residents are not opposed to the Haley Point development, but are instead opposed to the density of the development as proposed. The developer is proposing 72 units with up to 4 bedrooms. Each townhome will have a 2-car garage and no driveway and there will be only 13 parking spots on site.

Channel Drive is not a thoroughfare and thus the impact of 72 units as proposed will result in 150+ cars plus delivery trucks, repair service vehicles, etc.

Stop Haley Point Big Box Development

The proposed 72 big-box, high-density Haley Point Townhomes at 2400 Channel Drive, by developer Warmington Residential of Costa Mesa, stands to threaten the safety and tranquility of our peaceful and quiet family neighborhood. 

The traffic to our community will be unbearable, with 200 plus cars in and out all day and night. Due to city restrictions, the developer cannot create a separate entry and exit to the proposed community by connecting Little and Big Seaward; therefore, the addition of these townhomes will PERMANENTLY funnel heavy traffic through Arcade, Evergreen, Howard, Ocean and Channel Drive. 

Because of Will Rogers Elementary School, Howard will be especially impacted during school drop off and pick-up. Increased congestion will occur putting children in danger of traffic-related accidents.

Planning to loom 3 stories high, these townhomes will not be of the same architectural style as the rest of our community. They will block ocean and sunset views and lower our property values, as a result. Please stand with us, your neighbors, to fight this intrusion to our peaceful neighborhood. We need your help to write, call and email our City Planning, City Counsel and Midtown Community Council representatives.

We need to work together to have our voices heard!