Upcoming Planning Commission Meeting Write to the Planning Commission by Tuesday, May 25 at 5:00pm

The Planning Commission meeting, to approve the Haley Point Project, is scheduled for Wednesday, May 26 at 6:00 pm.  We encourage you to write to the Planning Commission and state your concerns. Below is a list of suggested requests and concerns to raise with the Planning Commission. Send your letters by Tuesday, May 25 at 5:00pm. When writing to the Planning Commission, copy the City Clerk. You must include the Project Number “PROJ-14778” and request that your email be included with the packet for the May 26, 2021 Planning Commission meeting.

Send your letters to the Planning Commission at pc@cityofventura.ca.gov and copy the Ventura City Clerk at cityclerk@cityofventura.ca.gov. You may also copy us at info@midtownventuracoalition.com

  1. DRC Recommendations:  Request the Planning Commission support the Design Review Committee’s (DRC’s) recommendations as stated in the March 17, 2021 DRC meeting minutes.
  2. Density: Require the developer reduce the density to match the neighborhood as stated in the General Plan. The Haley Point site is not on main road such as Thompson or Main. It is located in a corner pocket of a quiet residential neighborhood with no direct access to a main thoroughfare
  3. Front Set-back: Require the developer to adhere to the 20-foot front setback. Do not set a precedent by allowing this developer to not meet the minimum setback requirement that all other homes in the neighborhood have been required to follow.
  4. Entrances: Require the developer to include two entrances into Haley Point from Channel that align with Arcade and Evergreen.
  5. Bicycle/Pedestrian Path: Require the developer to contribute to the design costs of a Bicycle/Pedestrian path that goes from Channel under the railroad track along the east side of Seaward.
  6. Channel Drive Reduction:  Because Channel Drive is being reduced to accommodate the Haley Point development, require the developer to contribute to adding a center island median, with trees, on Channel Drive from Little Seaward to Howard. The addition of this center island will calm traffic, prevent mid street u-turns, prevent pedestrian mid-block crossings and the trees will help reduce the visual height of the 2 and 3 story condo massings.
  7. Traffic & Safety: Request the Planning Commission ask the city to conduct a “formal” traffic safety study and not rely on the developer’s traffic study conducted during the pandemic shutdown. The influx of 144+ cars (at least 2 per condo), delivery trucks, repair trucks, etc. barreling down Arcade and Evergreen will cause significant traffic safety issues.

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