Stop Haley Point Big Box Development

The proposed 72 big-box, high-density Haley Point Townhomes at 2400 Channel Drive, by developer Warmington Residential of Costa Mesa, stands to threaten the safety and tranquility of our peaceful and quiet family neighborhood. 

The traffic to our community will be unbearable, with 200 plus cars in and out all day and night. Due to city restrictions, the developer cannot create a separate entry and exit to the proposed community by connecting Little and Big Seaward; therefore, the addition of these townhomes will PERMANENTLY funnel heavy traffic through Arcade, Evergreen, Howard, Ocean and Channel Drive. 

Because of Will Rogers Elementary School, Howard will be especially impacted during school drop off and pick-up. Increased congestion will occur putting children in danger of traffic-related accidents.

Planning to loom 3 stories high, these townhomes will not be of the same architectural style as the rest of our community. They will block ocean and sunset views and lower our property values, as a result. Please stand with us, your neighbors, to fight this intrusion to our peaceful neighborhood. We need your help to write, call and email our City Planning, City Counsel and Midtown Community Council representatives.

We need to work together to have our voices heard!

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