Mid-Town Ventura Neighborhood Petition

Have your voice heard!!!! Sign the petition to LIMIT the “proposed” density of Haley Point and follow the parking and traffic safety standards of the city of Ventura as written in the San Buenaventura Municipal Code in order to protect the Health, Safety and Welfare of our neighborhood and Community. It is important for our City Council and all City Officials to know that it is not just a “handful of neighbors” who are opposed to the over-dense 72 condo development known as Haley Point.

Signatures to be collected by May 24.

If you are interested in signing the petition, please email: info@midtownventuracoalition.com and someone will contact you on how you can sign the petition.

2 thoughts on “Mid-Town Ventura Neighborhood Petition

  1. Paul Hartwell

    Ventura has continued allow many high density projects. These new projects require water which there is none. The city has not improved its infrastructure for years. Thompson and Main are still congested. Traffic is a major concern. Please please don’t turn Ventura into just another crowded beach town. We live here not Orange County….


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