Haley Point Appeal Scheduled for Monday, July 12, 2021 at 6:00pm


The Haley Point appeal hearing has been re-scheduled for Monday, July 12 at 6:00pm

An appeal has formally been filed by a member of the Midtown Ventura Coalition. The cost of the appeal was $1,000. Funds from the GoFundMe account were used to cover the cost of this appeal and legal fees related to the efforts.  

The appellant will be presenting the appeal to City Council on July 12 during a public City Council WebEx meeting. An in-person appeal meeting was requested, but the city said they are not yet prepared for in-person meetings and thus it will be done via WebEx.

The appeal covers four main points:

  • On-Site Posting: The March 17, 2021 DRC meeting was not properly posted at the Haley Point Site. We are requesting the city change the resolution language to reflect the improper posting from the March 17, 2021 DRC meeting.
  • Inadequate Guest Parking:  The San Buenaventura Municipal Code 24.415.030 subsection 5A is specific for the allocation of clearly “designated” on-site guest-only parking in condominium complexes. We want the city to enforce this municipal code and require the developer to increase the on-site designated guest-only parking spaces from 13 to 18 and require the developer to clearly designate all 18 spaces as “guest-only”. Currently, the project is 5 guest-only parking spaces short and the developer is not “clearly designating” any of the on-site parking spaces as “guest-only”.
  • Traffic Study:  We are requesting a formal traffic study under CEQA – California Environmental Quality Act. We believe the cumulative impact of all the recent AND upcoming in-fill development throughout Ventura, triggers a traffic study under CEQA law.
  • The Pedestrian/Bicycle Overpass:  We are requesting that the Resolution approved by the Planning Commission on May 26, 2021 be updated.  The language of the Resolution should be modified to guarantee the $165,000 donated by Warmington is clearly earmarked and protected for a Pedestrian/Bicycle Overpass design. And that the $165,000 cannot be redirected to the City’s general fund or used for another city project.  

The public will be allowed to comment during the appeal process. We expect everyone will be given 3 minutes to speak, but there is a chance the public’s time could be cut to 2 minutes per person.

If you choose to make a public comment during the appeal or if you plan to write in comments, we are requesting that everyone stick to the 4 main points above. This way city council is able to focus on the exact items in the appeal request.

We will keep you updated as more information becomes available on where and when to send in your comments.

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