April 25th – City Hall Demonstration

On Sunday, April 25, residents opposed to the density and lack of on-site parking at the proposed Haley Point Project, came out in force to express their concerns. The group peacefully walked in protest from Main St. to City Hall. Local Ventura newspaper reporters covered the demonstration. City Councilman Mike Johnson showed up and spoke with several residents.

Midtown residents are not opposed to the Haley Point development but are instead opposed to the¬†density¬†of the development which will have a negative impact on the health and welfare of the midtown residents. This development includes 72 condos (some 3 and 4 bedroom). Each condo has a 2-car garage and no driveways. There are only 13 parking spaces being included on-site. Haley Point is not located on a main road. The influx of cars, home repair trucks, Amazon, FedEx and UPS trucks will create a traffic mess and unsafe condition on the small residential streets impacted…Arcade, Evergreen, Howard, etc.

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